Makeup: Rose Chocolate ♡

Sini said:

Wooow, this is so dreamy and perfect! Your face suits this kind of makeup so well

Svar: Thank you cutie! ;___; It's really just a matter of adjusting the makeup to fit your own face I think, but I'm really glad you think it suits me ♡

Matilda said:

you always do superpretty make up *o*

Svar: Thank you dear! I'm really glad you think so ♡

sally said:

Du passar verkligen i sån slags sminkning :)
Nu till en fråga... Du har sagt i tidigare inlägg att du ska visa din vivienne westwood samling och sen berätta hur du har råd med alla dina kläder, jag älskar din blogg och jag skulle jätte gärna vilja läsa om det, den är en så stor inspirationskälla ^^

Svar: Tack! ♡
Åh juste, visa VW samlingen hade jag faktiskt glömt! Det ska jag självklart göra! Och inlägget om "hur jag har råd" har jag funderat över ett tag nu, jag ska bara fundera ut "ett bra sätt" att formulera mig på när jag skriver det, men det lär komma denna månaden iallafall! : ) Tack för att du läser min blogg ! ♡♡♡

Anonym said:

wow! You are so talented in makeup *o* I love how you used gold in the corners of your eyes instead of white! And might I add how much I envy your flawless skin >///w///>

Svar: Thank you, I really enjoy doing my makeup so it means a lot to me to hear such kind words! My skin is no way near flawless, I have had really bad acne all my life until a few years ago when I went through a time eating strong medication for it : ) Now I have good skin but with some scars, It's really just a matter of using the right foundation/coverage to get the look of "flawless skin" : )

Anni said:

Looking perfect as always even though you had the cold! Also that make-up is so lovely, brown & gold tones really suit you<3

Svar: Anni your comments always makes me the most happy, thank you kitten <3

kanan said:

i love your make perfect and suit you really well^^!!

i find you on tumblr, and i'm fell of your style^^!!
i'm a new follower from now^^!
if you want / have time to visit me, this my blog:


Svar: Thank you darling, that's so sweet! Your comment makes me so happy <3 Ofc I'll check your blog out!




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